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Insights & News

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Floor Humps in Wood-Framed Construction

With people spending more time at home, this issue has become a hot topic in the industry. H&S has a plan that includes alternates and allowances intended to eliminate one potential cause of these humps!

H&S Cycles For A Better Tomorrow!

Last month a number of Harris & Sloan-ers participated in and volunteered at the Cycling for a Better Tomorrow event put on the Building Industry Association (BIA). The ride was a fundraiser for HomeAid Sacramento. HomeAid is a non-profit that builds and remodels homes for homeless families and individuals...

Harris & Sloan's Approach to Energy Consulting

Energy Consulting is now more intertwined with construction strategy than ever before. As the energy requirements become more efficient compliance measures must be carefully coordinated early on in the design process. Shawn Mayer and Abe Cubano discuss Harris & Sloan's wholistic approach to energy consulting, and the benefits they provide to their clients.

Safety in HPA Installations

High Performance Attics (HPAs) are currently specified for almost every new home in climate zones 11-13 because they achieve the highest compliance gains per dollar spent. As with any new construction practice, HPAs come with some previously unsolved challenges...

H&S Field Team: Going Above and Beyond

Harris & Sloan's field team is hard at work, supporting construction progress throughout California.  In addition to their normal site work, the team is picking up extra observations in jurisdictions that have halted or limited on-site inspections.

Housing Moves Forward Despite COVID-19

The most recent developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have altered our daily lives in many ways. Despite these changes, housing construction continues across the state and we are supporting that effort through new design and field support.

Martin Chavez, Promoted to Project Manager!

We are excited to announce that Martin Chavez has been promoted to Project Manager. Martin is located in our Sacramento office, and has worked on a variety of high-density projects utilizing wood and concrete throughout California. During his 5+ years at Harris & Sloan, Martin has been an instrumental part of our growing high-density department...

"Every Point Counts in 2020" & Rheem's Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

It is no secret that electrification is picking up steam in the housing industry as more jurisdictions introduce Reach Codes banning natural gas in new construction projects. The 2019 Building Standards that went into affect on January 1, 2020 have raised the energy efficiency bar, calling for more creative ways of meeting Title 24 compliance. Yesterday Abe Cubano spoke about the California Building Code (CBC)...

Harris & Sloan at the Cal Poly SEAOC / ARCE Structural Forum

We had a great time at the Cal Poly SEAOC / ARCE Structural Forum this weekend! This is one of our favorite events of the year because we get together with alumni, chat with professors, and connect with current students. When asked about his Structural Forum experience Calvin Roth (Cal Poly ’18) explained that he...

Mechanical E.O.R. Glenn Thompson, P.E. Retires after 40+ Years in the Industry!

Last week we celebrated the well-deserved retirement of Glenn Thompson, P.E.! Glenn was the Mechanical Engineer of Record at Harris & Sloan for 6 years, and has been instrumental in providing a wealth of knowledge to many of our new mechanical engineers. In addition to his engineering career Glenn also served in the United States Navy. Glenn’s retirement plans include reading and relaxing with his charming wife, Marge...