Housing Moves Forward Despite COVID-19


The most recent developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have altered our daily lives in many ways. Despite these changes, housing construction continues across the state and we are supporting that effort through new design and field support.

Yesterday Gov. Newsom issued an executive order for all Californian’s to ‘stay at home’.  However, housing construction in California is listed on the state’s website as an essential need and is specifically exempt from the order.

Our design teams, working remotely, are moving full-steam ahead while also responding to questions from builders and contractors who are operating on site. Harris & Sloan’s field team is working double-duty: performing normal observations, as well as supporting jurisdictions that have halted or limited on-site inspections.

Thank you to all of those involved for your patience during these difficult, but temporary, circumstances. We remain committed to our industry partners who continue to create much needed housing for the people of California.