H&S Holiday Brew!

Here, at Harris and Sloan we engineer buildings most of the time. However, once we begin to hear holiday music being played throughout the office, we redirect our creative minds towards designing and brewing beer!

Every year we enjoy hand delivering our beer to our clients and seeing a smile on their face. Due to the circumstances of 2020, we decided to ship our holiday beer to our clients.

Showing our appreciation for our clients and employees is part of a lasting tradition at Harris and Sloan. Creating our custom beer labels and distributing the final product amongst friends of the company is an event we look forward to all year, and will continue to do in the future!

This year we collaborated with Super Owl Brewing in Davis to craft our beer. The beers we have chosen were some of their finest brews and we are excited to share them with you!

Here are the custom labels we deemed our winners for this year!

Hop Sloano IPA

Hop Sloano is a dry and crispy American Pale Ale that has a clean finish. This was a largely popular brew among our office for good reason! Hop Sloano can show you the force – all you have to do is try!
May The Hops Be With You

The Cure For What Ales You

Mr. J is a tropical, hoppy IPA that has a smooth taste. The Indian Pale Ale was our office favorite, and we hope you enjoy as well! On our in-house created label, we have a photograph of the first ale merchant. Story be told – Sim Tloan!

The Original Pale Ale

Let's Build Something!