Martin Chavez, Promoted to Project Manager!

We are excited to announce the well-deserved promotion of Martin Chavez to Project Manager. Currently based out of our Sacramento office, Martin leads a variety of high-density residential and mixed use projects utilizing wood and concrete construction. Over the course of his career with Harris & Sloan Martin has been instrumental in the growth of our high-density group: helping to develop the H&S brand of collaboration and broad-based solutions with a new group of trades, consultants, and developers.

Martin enjoys working through the unique challenges of each project.  Under his leadership Harris & Sloan gains another team dedicated to finding solutions for our clients and partners through proactive coordination.  

When he’s not solving problems on behalf of Harris & Sloan Martin enjoys running and playing soccer.  He also loves to travel and will be taking a trip later this year for a European honeymoon.  We are thrilled to share in his current accomplishments, his future adventures, and many years of continued success!