Orientation Specific Design

At Harris & Sloan, we continually look for better solutions to today’s construction challenges. Our latest solution is Orientation Specific Design or OSD. This innovative approach to energy design, rebate management, and on-site verification is saving builders up to $1000 per lot when compared with the results of a standard energy design approach.

What is OSD?

At its core, OSD is a perfect example of the H&S way – in-depth coordination & design on the front end for a better, more cost-effective build. While a typical energy modeling approach uses a single model to run every orientation with all homes built to the worst case, OSD looks at each planned lot orientation to find solutions targeted to the actual site.

How is it done?

We start by creating energy models for every orientation which will be built on the site. Then analyze the results to find the maximum savings with the minimum disruption to the typical construction practice. Along the way, we proactively manage rebate & tax credit programs, coordinate PV requirements, and work with purchasing, construction, and sales to ensure a seamless implementation process. 

Will OSD work for my project?

Not every project is a fit. Sometimes the payoff isn’t worth the added level of effort in design. Large numbers of lots in mixed & hot climates are typically the best candidates, but our team of energy experts is always happy to assess each site and provide a recommendation.