Structural (S)

Whether designing a large scale multi-family project, a custom home, or an affordable housing project, Harris & Sloan strives to deliver structural engineering services that meet the project owner’s specifications, support the architect’s vision, and minimize construction costs.

Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing (MEP)

Our philosophy is defined by a practical approach in design of efficient systems. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers are at the forefront of the Zero Net Energy requirements as mandated by the State of California. Our goal is to marry the structural and mechanical designs to provide a coordinated set of documents that takes into account the performance of the entire building.

Energy Consulting

The Title 24 Building Code is updated every three years to increase the energy efficiency of new construction. These efficiency increases typically change construction practices through the introduction of new materials and products which can in turn affect the final cost of a newly constructed building. Harris & Sloan provides its clients with cost effective solutions by balancing different construction measures in order to meet the state’s energy compliance requirements.

Coordinated SMEP Design

Harris & Sloan provides fully coordinated SMEP designs with the goal of eliminating multi-disciplinary conflicts which can be both time consuming and costly. We are structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers with a reputation for helping clients reduce construction costs and maximize efficiency through collaboration with the project stake holders and trades. Our approach blends collaboration, communication, and technical expertise to provide economical design options that meet long-term performance goals.