Dineth Ketagoda

Dineth Ketagoda

MEP Project Manager

Dineth Ketagoda

Dineth Ketagoda is a MEP Project Manager in Harris & Sloan’s San Ramon office and leader of our multi-disciplinary high-density work. Dineth joined the firm in 2020 with 8 years of experience in high-density, mixed-use, and commercial projects.  He currently oversees a team focused on high-density projects throughout California.  The combination of increased demand and complex intermingled systems fuels the need for whole-building consulting in the high-density market. Dineth is an integral part of Harris & Sloan’s mission to bring fully coordinated SMEP solutions to high-density projects by providing clients and trade partners smart, constructible, fully coordinated solutions.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

University of California, Irvine


Licensed Mechanical Engineer – CA