Civil Engineer
California No. 70175


B.S., General Engineering
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Molly Princehorn, P.E.

Structural Project Manager

Molly Princehorn, serving as the Structural Engineering Department Manager at Harris & Sloan since 2003, boasts an extensive background in design and technical operations spanning over two decades. Throughout her tenure, Molly has amassed 20 years of expertise in residential light-frame wood design, encompassing single-family homes as well as low-density and high-density multi-family dwellings.

Additionally, Molly brings over 15 years of experience in quality assurance and control to her role, ensuring the highest standards of structural integrity and compliance are maintained across all projects. With a passion for training and mentoring, Molly has dedicated over a decade to nurturing new talent within the firm, providing invaluable guidance and support to staff members at all levels of experience.

In her current capacity as the Department Manager for the structural engineering group, Molly focuses on two key objectives: technical development and engineering flex team management. She actively contributes to the maintenance, updating, and expansion of the firm’s structural design standards, while also spearheading training initiatives for both new and seasoned staff members. As the manager of the flex team, Molly oversees various projects, utilizing them as opportunities to cultivate the skills of incoming engineers.

Molly’s profound understanding of Harris & Sloan’s core service sectors positions her as an invaluable mentor and advisor within the firm. Her leadership ensures the continued growth and success of the structural engineering department, while fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.